Company, Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Hill & Abbott solicitors advise a whole range of individuals and corporate entities when disputes arise, including sole traders, limited companies, partnerships, LLP’s, directors and shareholders.

Shareholder and company disputes

Hill & Abbott can assist shareholders and directors of companies in relation to disputes that can arise from the operation of the company.

Such disputes can relate to director’s remuneration, breach of director’s duties, dividends, the exclusion from important decisions, breaches of shareholder agreements or other actions that a company has undertaken to a shareholder’s detriment, including the failure to observe the correct statutory procedures

We can assist in all company disputes including claims by minority and majority shareholders and unfair prejudice claims.

Partnership disputes

Partnership disputes arise for a whole manner of reasons.  Such reasons could include one partner failing to undertake their duties correctly, making secret profits or taking action that damages the partnership generally.

If a partner dies, becomes insolvent or leaves the partnership, depending on the terms of the partnership agreement (if there is one) different consequences may follow.  Arguments often arise in relation to how assets and liabilities should be dealt with and how much an outgoing partner or a deceased partner’s share in the partnership is worth.

You may even have a partnership dispute and not realise it, as the law implies certain obligations on parties that work together in certain circumstances.

Hill & Abbott Solicitors can advise you in relation to the rights and liabilities that you may owe to your business associates and can assist you in resolving such disputes.

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