Intellectual Property

Hill & Abbott Solicitors can assist you with disputes in relation to breach of copyright, registered and unregistered design right, trademark infringement, passing off, database right infringements and thefts of confidential information, as well as domain name disputes and data protection issues.


Whether someone has copied the content of your website or something else that you have produced, we can assist you to recover damages.

Equally if you have been accused of such infringements, we can assist you in defending any potential claim.

Design right

Often a great deal of time and expense is incurred in bringing a product to market. Particularly with innovative ideas, there are no shortage of individuals who are prepared to copy your work with a view to making a profit off of the back of your hard work. If this happens, it is important to protect you investment and future profits and put an end to such infringement if this happens.

We can help you to protect your registered or unregistered design. We can also advise you if you have been accused of copying a design.

Trademark infringement and passing off

A brand, logo or catchphrase often forms an important part of a business’ assets or goodwill and is an indication of the quality of that business’ product or services. Ensuring that your brand is well known and easily identifiable also involves a substantial investment in terms of marketing.

If an individual or company takes advantage of that investment by using a similar or identical brand or otherwise pretends to be you or your business, then the owner of that brand has every right to feel aggrieved. This is particularly the case if the products or services offered by that are of a substandard quality and are being associated with your business.

If you believe that someone is taking advantage of your name or pretending to be you to make a profit at your expense, we can assist you to take steps to put an end to such conduct and seek damages accordingly.

Likewise, if you have been accused of infringing someone’s trademark or passing yourself off as someone else, we can advise you of your rights and liabilities and if appropriate, what steps you can take to deal with the situation.

Domain names

A business’s website is often one of the most important assets of a business and nowadays the first thing that a potential customer sees. As a result there are individuals who will look to take advantage of this.

It may be the case that a website has been registered with a view to adding content to it that is defamatory or otherwise damaging to your business. It may be the case that someone has registered a website to prevent you from doing so and then looks to demand a payment from you to purchase it (often referred to as ‘cybersquatting’).

In such cases it is possible ultimately possible to take possession of that domain name or otherwise stop the ongoing behaviour.

Databases and confidential information

Confidential information is extremely valuable to businesses and serious consequences can follow if that information falls in to the wrong hands.

It may be the case that a disgruntled employee has appropriated a list of customers and is seeking to set up in competition.

It may be the case that information passed to an associated business for the purposes of carrying out a contract may have been misused.

If you have been accused of such acts or you have been a victim, Hill & Abbott can assist you in recovering that information and/or damages as may be appropriate.

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