Company Employment Law
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Company Employment Law

Whether it’s the people you employ or the people you are in business with, getting the relationship right is vital. We will work with you and guide you through the process smoothly to ensure you have everything you need so that you and your business are adequately protected. At Hill & Abbott our Employment Law specialist can advise you on all aspects of employment law for your business.

A well-motivated, productive workforce is the key to business success. But, employment law is incredibly complex and ever-changing – whether it is preventative advice you need or help if something has gone wrong – we can help you find a solution.

Whether you are in a partnership or a limited company with one or more people, having the right agreement which clearly sets out the terms of the business relationship is essential.  Having nothing to fall back on if that relationship breaks down or one of you is unable to continue working can be disastrous for the business you may have spent years building up.

Also, day to day processes are hugely important – ensuring your contracts with your customers and suppliers are up to date and relevant to your business needs is one area where our expertise can help you. We have extensive experience in drafting terms and conditions, agency and distribution agreements and the like.

And if you are thinking of expanding, or retiring, then our long experience of dealing with sales and purchases of businesses is what you need to help you achieve the best deal.

How we can help

If you are you are looking for an excellently priced HR solution then speak to our Employment Lawyer about Hill & Abbotts HR Plus.  This offers an affordable solution to your HR issues allowing you to concentrate your efforts on growing your business and affording you the opportunity to spread the cost over a 12 month period.

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