As a business are you faced with the challenges of employees raising grievances or complains about discrimination?

With such a diverse work force most employers will have to deal with a complaint or grievance from a member of staff.  However, if an employee feels that they have been discriminated against the situation can be potentially serious for both sides.  Discrimination legislation is complex and, in theory, without limit on the amount that can be awarded to a successful claimant not to mention the enormous risk employers face with significant financial exposure.

Discriminatory treatment can be very traumatic for both employers and employees and can take the form in any number of ways including, sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion and belief, marriage, civil partnerships or age. Our team can advise both employers and employees on discrimination law and provide employers with advice required to reduce the risk of claims including drafting the appropriate staff policies, handbooks or contracts of employment.

You may be interested in spreading the cost of your HR functions throughout the year.  At Hill & Abbott solicitors we offer our unique HR+ service to employers which means you will have the legal support when you need it.

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