Child Brain Injury Claims

At Hill & Abbott our specialist can offer you a No win No Fee agreement, even if your claim for compensation is unsuccessful.

Our solicitors are able to make home or hospital visits where clients are unable to attend the office. We offer early morning, late evening and Saturday morning appointments.

At Hill & Abbott our experienced personal injury solicitors have the experience of helping families to claim compensation for a child with a brain or serious head injury.  We also understand the importance of working with the family to ensure that they understand the process and the additional help you may need.

As members of the Brain Injury Group and Headway, Hill & Abbott are able to put you in touch with the right services to help you access rehabilitation, care help, benefits information and educational support.

Our Private Client team can also assist you in setting up a personal injury trust and we can ensure you are given the right advice about managing any compensation received so that you can be certain money is always available in the future.

Child Brain Injuries

Sometimes it is not obvious that a child has suffered from a serious head injury or brain injury.  Often the signs can be subtle at first and at Hill & Abbott we have assisted families recover compensation where children have suffered brain injury or serious head injury following accidents:

  • At school
  • On the road
  • In parks and other public places

Serious head and brain injuries can have a huge impact on a child, their education and future prospects, and the consequences are felt by the whole family.  Brain injury and head injuries require experience solicitors to assist to ensure that you receive the right help and advice.

How we can help

Firstly, we will discuss with you what happened and identify if anyone was to blame for the accident or event causing the injury.  Once we have identified the party responsible we will work with you to identify, as best we can, the full extent of the injury and how this may impact on your child in the future.  This process will include medical opinions, care needs assessments, obtaining school reports and discussions with the family to allow us to know how the injury has impacted your child and any changes you have seen in their personality and general behaviour.

Brain injury and head injury claims cannot be rushed to conclusion as there is a lot to take into consideration, it is vital that you obtain legal advice from an experienced solicitor.  Brain injury claims can take a number of years as it is essential we are able to monitor the development of your child and identify any changes in your child’s needs and requirements as they get older.  During the process it is likely we will be assisted by a care worker who will work closely with your child and your family to ensure that all of your child’s needs are catered for as they grow older, assisting in obtaining additional educational support and liaising with medical agencies, schools and other services which may be needed.

Once we have established the long-term impact we will then be able to look at valuing your child’s claim and assessing the likely level of compensation.  The settlement process may require the Courts agreement to any final settlement agreement but we will ensure we discuss this with you.  Once an agreement is reached we will continue to support you and ensure that you receive advice on investment and setting up a personal injury trust.

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