At Hill & Abbott our specialist can offer you a No win No Fee agreement for making a claim for compensation and if you wish us to attend the Inquest we can do so on a fixed fee.

An inquest in to a fatal injury caused by some form of negligence can be a traumatic experience. Hill & Abbott Solicitors can advise you how to seek compensation depending on the decision of the inquest.

An inquest establishes the cause of death, and whether negligence occurred.  The inquest will hear from those directly involved at the time of the death.

If a family member has died in circumstances which cannot be explained it is likely their death may be reported to a coroner. The coroner may hold an inquest to establish the facts surrounding the death.

Our expert Solicitors have attended inquests on behalf of families and following the inquest we have been able to help the families bring claims for compensation.  We understand that Inquest are difficult for families to attend and should you wish Hill & Abbott can attend on your behalf.

If you would like our help and would like us to attend the inquest you need to ensure that you instruct us in advance of the inquest date.  This will allow us to compile some required information and undertake some investigations prior to the inquest.


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