Cerebral Palsy Claims

At Hill & Abbott our specialist can offer you a No win No Fee agreement.

Our solicitors are able to make home or hospital visits where clients are unable to attend the office. We offer early morning, late evening and Saturday morning appointments.

Cerebral Palsy causes children hearing and speech problems, learning difficulties and difficulties with movement.   It is not uncommon for children to be born with the condition however, there are occasions where the condition can be caused as a result of brain damage caused during the birth.

Claims involving Cerebral Palsy are complicated and very complex and it is important that you obtain advice from a specialist solicitor.  At Hill & Abbott our specialist solicitor will discuss with you what occurred during the birth and obtain a bit of history of the pregnancy from you.  Once this conversation has taken place our specialist solicitor will discuss with you the steps required to establish whether the cerebral palsy was a result of the care you received.  If there is evidence of negligence or poor care then you may be able to make  a claim for compensation.

We Can Help You

If, during your child’s birth, you think that errors were made, causing your child to suffer with cerebral palsy, such as oxygen depravation then you may be able to make a claim for compensation.  Proving that Cerebral Palsy was a result of negligence can be complex and take sometime, to ensure the facts are clearly established.   If your claim is successful we will help you achieve compensation that would provide for your child financially, for life.

Hill & Abbott work closely with groups who can provide support and who are able to provide reports on care needs and other services your child may require to help improve your child’s quality of life.  A needs assessment report will look at care packages, treatment and any specialist equipment which may be needed.

If you would like to discuss any concerns you may have or feel that you have suffered injury or illness as a result of a medical professionals negligence please contact our specialist.

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