Fatal Claims and Inquests

At Hill & Abbott our specialist can offer you a No win No Fee agreement.

Our solicitors are able to make home or hospital visits where clients are unable to attend the office. We offer early morning, late evening and Saturday morning appointments.

Has someone close to you suffered medical negligence which resulted in death?

At Hill & Abbott Solicitors we understand that making a claim for compensation is the last thing you will be thinking about when you have lost someone you love as a result of negligence.  We also understand that, at the outset you may not even be aware if the death was a result of someone else’s negligence.  That is why our expert solicitor, Richard Penn, offers a free consultation.  This allows you to discuss what has happened and let us know why you think something went wrong.  There is no obligation on you following the initial consultation to make a claim for professional negligence compensation but it allows you to look at the history of how the death occurred and make a decision as to whether you believe further investigation into negligence is required.

Most of the time, our clients are just seeking an answer as to why this happened. If  your claim for compensation is successful at Hill & Abbott Solicitors we will ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to and where possible, helping you find the answers to your unanswered questions.

Following an unexpected death there may be a need for an inquest.  At Hill & Abbott our experience shows that family members do not like to attend these inquests and that is why our specialist solicitor may attend on your behalf, if you require them to.


If a family member has died in unusual or unexplainable circumstances, their death may be reported to a coroner, who may hold an inquest. An inquest will be held to establish the facts surrounding the death.

At an inquest evidence will come to light which will identify whether your loved one died as a result of medical negligence. This evidence will help us decide, with you, whether or not there is a claim for negligence.

If you would like our help and would like us to attend the inquest you need to ensure that you instruct us in advance of the inquest date. This will allow us to compile some required information and undertake some investigations prior to the inquest.  Unfortunately, inquests are not funded on a No win No fee however, we will be able to agree a fixed fee with you in advance for our attendance.

If you would like to discuss any concerns you may have or feel that you have suffered injury or illness as a result of a medical professionals negligence please contact our specialist.

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