Misdiagnosis Claims

At Hill & Abbott our specialist can offer you a No win No Fee agreement, even if your claim for compensation is unsuccessful.

We all put our faith in medical providers and trust that they will do everything possible to ensure we receive the right prognosis.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case and as a result of misdiagnosis we can find ourselves in a vulnerable position especially if an early and correct diagnosis would have resulted in getting the right treatment from an early stage.  Unfortunately, the medical professionals do not always diagnose correctly and this can have a huge impact on the patient and their family, and this can often be life changing.

At Hill & Abbott our specialist medical negligence solicitor can help you with your claim for misdiagnosis and help identify who was responsible.  Our specialist will discuss with you the events prior to the misdiagnosis and will advise you of the steps that you need to take.

Medical Misdiagnosis Claims

The scope of medical misdiagnosis is broad ranging, covering a range of clinical and medical negligence cases.  At Hill & Abbott solicitors we have helped clients who suffered from a selection of misdiagnosis, including:

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