Agency Workers

If you are an  employee and the working relationship is unclear, you may require us to advise on the legal position and employment rights related to the employment relationship.

If you are contracted through an agency but work temporarily for an employer you are likely to be an agency worker. However, you will not qualify as an agency worker if you find work through a temporary work agency but are actually self-employed or you work on a Managed Service Contract.

Some agency workers are asked to sign a pay between assignments contract and if you are asked to sign one of these you should obtain legal advice. We can advise you on the terms and effect such an agreement has to your status as to the right to receive equal treatment after completing 12 weeks in the same job with the same employer.

All agency workers have the right to be paid minimum wages, paid holidays, not to have unlawful deductions made from wages, have a limit on hours worked in the working week (there are some exceptions), be accompanied at grievance or disciplinary hearings, not to be picked on for raising a whistleblowers complaint and are covered by the Equality Act 2010.

If you are an agency worker and require further advice, please contact us for further advice.

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