Dismissals and Disciplinary

At Hill & Abbott Solicitors we understand how our clients fell when they have been dismissed or are under disciplinary action.  Our expert lawyers will listen to you and provide the expert advice you need.

Dealing with disciplinary action and dismissal at work can be difficult for both employers and employees for a number of reasons. Not all workers are employees. If you are not sure whether or not an employment relationship exists you should seek advice from our employment team.

If you are an employee facing disciplinary action or dismissal,  there are certain procedural steps which must be taken in order to limit adverse findings in an employment tribunal either because your employer failed to follow a process or failed to allow you to appeal.

Disciplinary and dismissal can be for a number of reasons including,

  • poor performance,
  • persistent absenteeism
  • in some cases because the employment relationship is not right.

If you have concerns about the process to follow, or which is being followed, contact us for an initial free consultation.

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