Unfair, Constructive and Wrongful Dismissals

In order for a claim for unfair dismissal, however arising, an employee must have two years continuous service.

However, a claim for wrongful dismissal, or breach of contract, requires no qualifying period. At Hill & Abbott Solicitors we are very experienced in advising both employers and employees at all stages of unfair and wrongful dismissal claims.

To avoid a claim for unfair dismissal, an employer must have a fair reason to dismiss an employee. It must also follow the correct procedures and act reasonably.

To avoid claims for wrongful dismissal and employer who terminates an employee’s contract should ensure that all contractual benefits owed to the employee are paid.

To avoid claims, or to bring a claim, for constructive dismissal please contact us for advice.

In almost all of the circumstances mentioned above the costs of bringing and defending claims can be significant not to mention the legal issues which can be complex and costly. All forms of dismissal can have a significant financial impact and can inflict lasting damage to an employer’s reputation.  Advice should always be sought in advance of any dismissal or if being dismissed.

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