At Hill & Abbott Solicitors we understand how difficult it is for an employee to raise concerns or suspicions about unlawful activity and we understand that most employees are concerned that if they report an incident they will then be treated differently by their employer.

The law regulating whistleblowing under The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) is complex. In litigation, our clients have often faced robust defence by employers, as the potential damage to its reputation caused by losing a case and the damages awarded can be significant.

It’s not uncommon for employers to argue that the treatment of the employee was for some other reason, for example, an individual’s performance, misconduct or because of a genuine redundancy.

To qualify for protection, it is not necessary for the wrongdoing actually to occur, so long as you  have a reasonable belief that the information tends to show the wrongdoing.

If you are thinking about bringing your concerns about unlawful activity in the workplace to your employer’s attention, or you feel that after raising a concern you are being treated unfairly, we recommend that you contact us to maximise your protection under the law.

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