Divorce & Family FAQ’s

Q. How much does Divorce cost?
A. In any Divorce you must pay the Court fee which is £550, however people on low income or in receipt of benefits can apply for fee exemption. This can result in a reduced or nil fee being payable.

Q. Our charges for just a Divorce (excluding children or financial matters)?
A. Respondent: £500 plus VAT and any Court fee. Petitioner (You start the Divorce): £650 plus VAT and any Court fee.

These figured assume you both agree to the Divorce and there are no disputes.

Additional charges apply for matters involving children and finances. We will quote these separately. Take advantage of our FREE initial consultation.

Q. What is the Divorce process?
A. Our website provides an explanation of the way in which the Divorce process works and are invited to read that here Divorce – Hill & Abbott

Any questions arising from this please contact us further.

Q. What is a ‘quickie’ Divorce?
A. There is no such thing, every Divorce proceeds under the special procedure list. As such, all Divorce costs and processes are identical notwithstanding which one of five headings you proceed under.

If your matter is straightforward and you are both in agreement to the Divorce then this generally takes between 5 and 8 months.

Q. Do you have to be separated before you can Divorce?
A. No, many people during the Divorce still live under the same roof. The Court simply requires the marriage to have irretrievably broken down. However, during the Divorce the Court expects people to at least be living separately under the same roof.

Q. Can I separate formally without getting a Divorce?
A. Yes you can. If you have decided to separate but do not want to consider a Divorce, a Separation Agreements is strongly recommended.

The agreement sets out what had been agreed between you in terms of the matrimonial home and all other assets such as savings and investments, endowment policies and pension funds. Agreements can also be reached in relation to maintenance for children. This document is enforceable by the Court.

Q. Who decides who the children live with?
A. You do. As parents the Court believes you are the best people to make decisions regarding your children. In the event you and the other parent cannot agree then either parent can apply to the Court for the Court to make the decision.

You may wish to visit Divorce and Children for further information.

Q. What will I receive by way of financial settlement?
A. This very much depends on the financial circumstances of any case. Before any Lawyer is able to make a proper determination, details of the capital and income position need to be taken so that a proper evaluation can be made. This invariably requires disclosure of financial information to be provided.

You may wish to visit Financial Side to Divorce for further information.


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