Professional Negligence

Receiving negligent advice can have serious consequences for an individual or business. Clients that have appointed a professional advisor and probably paid a not insignificant sum for that advice have every right to expect the advice given to be correct.

However, sometimes the advice given, for one reason or another, is not right and having relied on that advice, leads to further loss and damage as a result.

We act for both customers and professionals. Whether you have received poor professional advice or you have been accused of providing such advice, Hill & Abbott Solicitors can assist you in bringing and defending such claims and allegations.

A dictionary definition of a professional is: A person who does a job that needs special training and a high level of education, or; a person who has a lot of skill and experience.

Most of the well known professions in this country, lawyers, surveyors, architects, accountants and so on, are regulated by august and learned professional bodies such as The Law Society, The Bar Council and The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors amongst others. Those professional bodies were formed centuries ago and have generally done a superb job in making sure that only those with a high level of education, training, skill and experience are allowed to practice in their chosen profession. The knowledge that professionals have had to achieve demanding standards of excellence before they are allowed to join a regulated profession is one of the reasons we place such huge trust in them when we instruct them to advise us on matters of the utmost importance to us.

Nevertheless, a high level of expertise, and education will not prevent mistakes being made even by the best and most experienced professionals.
Of course, not all mistakes are negligent, however if a mistake is made by a professional that no reasonably competent professional should make then that may amount to professional negligence.

If you feel that you have suffered financial hardship due to the negligence of your lawyers, surveyors, architects, accountants or indeed any other professional, then Hill & Abbott could help you to seek compensation with a professional negligence claim.

You may have received poor advice and guidance from a legal professional or may feel that you have experienced negligent or ineffective service from an accountant, architect, surveyor or financial advisor. If this is the case, then Hill & Abbott may be able to help you in making a claim for compensation. The failings of a professional can cause significant financial which is why we have a dedicated team of solicitors who specialise in professional negligence claims.

From your initial free consultation, we can establish if you have grounds for a professional negligence claim and provide you with expert advice on the best course of action.

We can advise on the funding options available for your professional negligence claim including No Win, No Fee funding and legal expenses insurance.
If you feel that, after using the services of a professional, you have suffered a financial loss then you could have grounds to make a claim for professional negligence.

Call Hill & Abbott solicitors today for a free, no obligation consultation to see if you have grounds to make a professional negligence claim.

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