Residential Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Landlord and tenant disputes are not uncommon. Hill & Abbott act for both landlords and tenants and can advise them in relation to their rights and liabilities and the steps that they need to take to resolve the dispute.

We can assist landlords in recovering rent arrears and advising on what steps can be taken when a tenant breaches a term of their tenancy agreement generally.

If the landlord requires possession of the property as a result of the tenant’s breaches of the tenancy agreement, failure to pay rent or because the term of the tenancy is coming to an end, we can help landlords serve the correct notices and choose the correct procedure to follow to regain possession of their property.

It is important that a landlord observes the requirement to place the tenant’s deposit in an appropriate tenancy deposit scheme. We advise both landlords and tenants in relation to claims relating to the failure to do this and in relation to disputes surrounding deductions from the deposit.

We can advise tenants in relation to their rights and obligations under their tenancy agreement. Often disputes will arise in relation to the state of the property or more specifically the landlord’s failure to keep the property in good repair and habitable condition.

As a tenant, it is important to pay your rent on time, all of the time. Even if you feel that your landlord is in breach of his obligation to keep your property in good repair, it is rarely advisable to withhold rent and certainly not without following the correct procedures.

If you cannot pay your rent, then this is a problem that you will have to address your your landlord. We can negotiate on your behalf.

If your landlord is seeking possession of your property on grounds which you do not consider justified, we may be able to assist you in opposing possession proceedings.

If you are a long leaseholder (i.e. someone that owns a leasehold, rather than freehold property) we can assist you with disputes with your landlord and in respect of service charges.

We can also assist you with claims against other tenants that may be causing you a nuisance or inconvenience, for example leaving items in communal areas, making too much noise or damaging parts of the building

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