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Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we are being asked at this current time.
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Conveyancing is the legal transfer of a property from one individual owner or entity to another. The process involves a solicitor or conveyancer who acts on behalf of the buyer or seller and ensures the property is transferred correctly to the new owner. Conveyancing also encompasses re-mortgages and transfer of equity.

The legal costs of buying and/or selling your home can be split into two parts: the legal fees the conveyancer or solicitor charges for carrying out the work, and the disbursements which are third party payments the solicitor will make on your behalf to others. Disbursements include costs such as Land Registry fees and stamp duty land tax. The legal fees for conveyancing will vary depending on a number of factors. Our fees start from £600 plus VAT and disbursements based on the sale of a freehold property up to £200,000 in value. Contact us to discuss your requirements or use our instant online conveyancing calculator for a detailed estimate.

Generally, your Solicitor will provide a quote to include their legal fee and disbursement payments to third parties (for example, search fees and stamp duty land tax). The quote would include all of the standard work involved such as reviewing title documentation, liaising with Estate Agents and search providers and the seller or purchaser’s conveyancer.

We are frequently asked “how long will it take?” We will always strive to complete the conveyancing process as quickly as possible. Our general advice is that a simple transaction can take around 8-12 weeks. However, it is sometimes possible to complete in a shorter timeframe than this and likewise, this timeframe cannot always be achieved. The conveyancing process is dependent on many parties and factors and this impacts on our ability to control the speed of matters. The illustration below represents the complete conveyancing process.

Conveyancing Journey

We would advise that the answer to this question should be yes! Although it is sometimes possible for an unqualified individual to deal with the conveyancing themselves, this usually leads to additional legal fees being incurred by the other party who is instructing a solicitor. In our experience it also invariably leads to delays in the process. The matter can also become more complex when mortgages are secured on the property and also when considering anti-money laundering procedures which must be adhered to.